Another update on the Web site update. Don’t get too excited, I guess.

Chrome seems to have a problem with my site. Of COURSE it's not something I coded wrong, that's just silly.
Chrome seems to have a problem with my site. Of COURSE it’s not something I coded wrong, that’s just silly.

As it turns out, once I thought the new design was pretty much good to go aside from a couple of minor tweaks, a few big issues presented themselves, most notably that the logo has a scrollbar in Google Chrome. Here’s the list of what’s left to get done:


  • Blocking release:
    • Fix logo having a scrollbar in Chrome.
    • Fix broken positioning / media queries in Safari.
    • Finish the content.
  • Not blocking release:
    • Content changes:
      • Add “All Topics” link to Categories tab in blog.
    • Layout bugs:
      • Make Close button on blog menu dropdowns not collide with dropdown contents.
      • Make first and last items in toolbar not draw their edge borders all the way down the toolbar when there are multiple rows of buttons on the toolbar.
      • Fix lines in the fancy buttons’ backgrounds in Chrome (also slightly affects Firefox).
      • Clear the floated images in blog-test.htm.
      • Fix entry-title not wrapping around entry-meta.
      • Fix blockquote end quotation mark not being inset.
      • Fix buttons not showing the highlights correctly (use SVG instead of PNG).
      • Fix “Telephones and Tags” header being indented unexpectedly in blog-test.htm.
      • Fix zoomed-in media query bug (? As of this writing, 2016 Feb. 17, I don’t remember exactly what this was or how to reproduce it).
    • Features:
      • Make toolbar and pagination sticky / always visible (feature request).
        • I think this probably wouldn’t make much sense when using a small screen, because the toolbar and pagination would perchance risk obscuring the content entirely, which would rather defeat the point of me having a Web site in the first place, I dare say. Maybe have this be a togglable option? It could be a button at the bottom of the navigation menu, perhaps.

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