Wreathe 7.3 development update — News

[🕑: 2016m08d14]

Wreathe 7.3, in its current rough-working-draft state.

Wreathe 7.3: Elegiac is coming along (note the new version numbering — it’s now “7.3” instead of “7r3”). There’s a screenshot at the right, although some aspects of the user interface will change before release.

Anyway, some system requirements for the eventual 7.3 update (subject to change):

It will probably be possible to install Wreathe 7.3 on computers that don’t meet the recommended system requirements, but that will not be supported.

Wreathe 7.3 will probably focus on creating a stable and maintainable base OS, while new features will probably not appear until Wreathe 7.4. The next major version will be Wreathe 8, which will represent the convergence of the Wreathe  and Ember Computing Environment projects.

Wreathe 7.3 will probably become available sometime between 2016 and 2018.

Check out the overlay on GitHub!