Futuramerlin News – Ember News http://futuramerlin.com/news Sun, 14 Aug 2016 18:58:42 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.3 Wreathe 7.3 development update http://futuramerlin.com/news/2016/08/14/2798-wreathe-7-3-development-update/ Sun, 14 Aug 2016 18:53:10 +0000 http://futuramerlin.com/c/?p=2798 Screenshot_2016.08.14_14.38.31
Wreathe 7.3, in its current rough-working-draft state.

Wreathe 7.3: Elegiac is coming along (note the new version numbering — it’s now “7.3” instead of “7r3”). There’s a screenshot at the right, although some aspects of the user interface will change before release.

Anyway, some system requirements for the eventual 7.3 update (subject to change):

  • Intel Core 2 Duo CPU or compatible
  • At least 64GB available disk space
  • Compatible GPU
  • Colour display, LCD (minimum 1024 pixels in each direction) recommended
  • At least 8GB RAM
  • Compatible keyboard (any standard IBM-compatible should work, such as the IBM SpaceSaver II)
  • Compatible pointing tool (mouse, TrackPoint, etc.)

It will probably be possible to install Wreathe 7.3 on computers that don’t meet the recommended system requirements, but that will not be supported.

Wreathe 7.3 will probably focus on creating a stable and maintainable base OS, while new features will probably not appear until Wreathe 7.4. The next major version will be Wreathe 8, which will represent the convergence of the Wreathe  and Ember Computing Environment projects.

Wreathe 7.3 will probably become available sometime between 2016 and 2018.

Check out the overlay on GitHub!

Web site and Wreathe updates http://futuramerlin.com/news/2016/06/17/2795-web-site-and-wreathe-updates/ Fri, 17 Jun 2016 19:34:54 +0000 http://futuramerlin.com/c/?p=2795 Following up on the previous post on the Wreathe GNU/Linux distribution:

  • No Wreathe versions except Wreathe 5: Rain and Wreathe 7r2: Elegy are currently supported; users running other versions of Wreathe are advised to update to Wreathe 7r2: Elegy.
  • Wreathe 5: Rain support will end 1 October 2016; users currently running Wreathe 5: Rain are advised to update to Wreathe 7r2: Elegy before that date.
  • Wreathe 7r3: Elegiac is now being actively developed, and will be based on the Gentoo GNU/Linux distribution. Driver issues are currently blocking development (the OS crashes before boot completes when using the proprietary NVIDIA drivers).

Regarding the Futuramerlin Web site:

  • A new design went live on 6 March 2016.
  • User acceptance feedback indicates that the new design is suboptimal.
  • The new design renders the Web site unusable in current versions of the Konqueror Web browser (the menu covers the page content).
  • I plan to change the way the design is implemented so that all browsers are served a basic HTML page, and then JavaScript is used for visual styling in browsers that support it. This should make most or all users able to access the Web site’s content, but will detrimental effects as follow:
    • Users with JavaScript disabled and a browser that supports the site’s CSS will see an un-styled version of the site.
    • Users with JavaScript whitelisting may be prompted to enable JavaScript for the site, even though using the site does not require JavaScript.

    Unfortunately, I do not know how to resolve those two issues without making the Web site harder to use on mobile computers.

  • I may change some aspects of the design, or make it customisable, to increase user acceptance.

General updates:

Web site update is live! http://futuramerlin.com/news/2016/03/06/2778-web-site-update-is-live/ Sun, 06 Mar 2016 07:15:21 +0000 http://futuramerlin.com/c/?p=2778 Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at
The new Web site, as seen live 2016 Mar. 6 (UTC−5) using Firefox! (Developer Edition 46.0a2)

The Web site update has now been published to the main site. It still has some issues, and I will work to resolve them over the next while….

Enjoy! 😹


If there are problems you want to let me know about, feel free to post an issue to GitHub (or email me at e.wallace@futuramerlin.com). :)

Important update for Wreathe OS users http://futuramerlin.com/news/2016/02/24/2767-important-update-for-wreathe-os-users/ Thu, 25 Feb 2016 02:23:50 +0000 http://futuramerlin.com/c/?p=2767

Update on the status of Wreathe (a GNU/Linux operating system provided by Futuramerlin):


  • All versions prior to Wreathe 5: Rain will become unsupported after 1 April 2016. I suggest migrating to the latest version, Wreathe 7r2: Elegy.
  • Wreathe 5: Rain will become unsupported after 1 October 2016. I suggest migrating to the latest version, Wreathe 7r2: Elegy.
  • Wreathe 7r3 is currently in development. An update regarding its status will be posted before 1 July 2016.


  • The following versions of Wreathe will become unsupported after 1 April 2016:
    • Wreathe 1: Frost
    • Wreathe 1r2: Frost
    • Wreathe 4: Blossom
  • Wreathe 5: Rain will become unsupported after 1 October 2016.
  • The following versions of Wreathe are development versions, and while they have never been supported, they will become explicitly unsupported after 1 April 2016:
    • Wreathe 2 dev: Mist, aka Wreathe 2a: Mist
    • Wreathe 3 dev: Unicorn
    • Wreathe 4 dev: Blossom, aka Wreathe 4 dev 1: Blossom
    • Wreathe 4 dev 2: Blossom
    • Wreathe 5 dev: Rain
    • Wreathe 7a: Elegy
    • Wreathe 7r2a: Elegy
  • Wreathe 2e: Mist is an unofficial version, and while it has never been supported, it will become explicitly unsupported after 1 April 2016.
  • The following versions of Wreathe were cancelled before release, and while they have never been supported, they will become explicitly unsupported after 1 April 2016:
    • Wreathe 2: Frost
    • Wreathe 3: Unicorn
    • Wreathe 6: Forest
    • Wreathe 7: Elegy
Another update on the Web site update. Don’t get too excited, I guess. http://futuramerlin.com/news/2016/02/17/2763-another-update-on-the-web-site-update-dont-get-too-excited-i-guess/ Thu, 18 Feb 2016 03:13:30 +0000 http://futuramerlin.com/c/?p=2763 Chrome seems to have a problem with my site. Of COURSE it's not something I coded wrong, that's just silly.
Chrome seems to have a problem with my site. Of COURSE it’s not something I coded wrong, that’s just silly.

As it turns out, once I thought the new design was pretty much good to go aside from a couple of minor tweaks, a few big issues presented themselves, most notably that the logo has a scrollbar in Google Chrome. Here’s the list of what’s left to get done:


  • Blocking release:
    • Fix logo having a scrollbar in Chrome.
    • Fix broken positioning / media queries in Safari.
    • Finish the content.
  • Not blocking release:
    • Content changes:
      • Add “All Topics” link to Categories tab in blog.
    • Layout bugs:
      • Make Close button on blog menu dropdowns not collide with dropdown contents.
      • Make first and last items in toolbar not draw their edge borders all the way down the toolbar when there are multiple rows of buttons on the toolbar.
      • Fix lines in the fancy buttons’ backgrounds in Chrome (also slightly affects Firefox).
      • Clear the floated images in blog-test.htm.
      • Fix entry-title not wrapping around entry-meta.
      • Fix blockquote end quotation mark not being inset.
      • Fix buttons not showing the highlights correctly (use SVG instead of PNG).
      • Fix “Telephones and Tags” header being indented unexpectedly in blog-test.htm.
      • Fix zoomed-in media query bug (? As of this writing, 2016 Feb. 17, I don’t remember exactly what this was or how to reproduce it).
    • Features:
      • Make toolbar and pagination sticky / always visible (feature request).
        • I think this probably wouldn’t make much sense when using a small screen, because the toolbar and pagination would perchance risk obscuring the content entirely, which would rather defeat the point of me having a Web site in the first place, I dare say. Maybe have this be a togglable option? It could be a button at the bottom of the navigation menu, perhaps.
Update on the Web site update! http://futuramerlin.com/news/2016/02/17/2759-update-on-the-web-site-update/ Thu, 18 Feb 2016 01:44:19 +0000 http://futuramerlin.com/c/?p=2759
Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at

The new Web site design is functionally complete! It’s been running in various stages of completion on this blog section of the site for the past while, and once I have finished backing up the current Web site contents, the new version will be published :)

You can examine the code here: https://github.com/ethus3h/ember/tree/master/ember-satellite-projects/futuramerlin-website

Upcoming Web site redesign. http://futuramerlin.com/news/2016/01/12/2747-upcoming-web-site-redesign/ Wed, 13 Jan 2016 02:04:16 +0000 http://futuramerlin.com/c/?p=2747 Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at
Large screen, landscape mode

I’m currently working on (yet another) design for the Web site. The screenshots in this post show what the new version looks like at the moment for various screen sizes.



It should be done reasonably soon (within a couple of weeks).


I’ll remove the “Old site” section, since it makes maintenance and backup difficult; I will replace it with links to the Internet Archive on 404 pages. No content should be lost, history-wise, since I will post the old site source code.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at
Large screen, portrait mode



I will write an update on what I’m doing after the redesign comes out, I think.


It’s dangerous on the roads around where I live now. Drive carefully and stay safe. Stay well.



Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at
Medium screen
Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at
Small screen




New project: Patche — Single user easy repository http://futuramerlin.com/news/2015/04/02/224-new-project-patche-single-user-easy-repository/ Thu, 02 Apr 2015 01:13:53 +0000 http://futuramerlin.com/c/?p=224 Turns out, according to SketchCow (IA) (Jason Scott, Free Range Archivist at the Internet Archive) (#internetarchive on EFNet, 2015-04-01), the Internet Archive doesn’t do well with more than about 500 files in a single item. So, git-annex putting my ~171,000 files into a single item really probably wouldn’t work. Hence,

A new project:


It’s not written yet.

I found this artwork (IA) (PNG (IA) by Jakly (IA) on DeviantArt of a character named Patche, which I'm including here for fun. I hope Jakly doesn't mind.
I found this artwork (IA) (PNG (IA) by Jakly (IA)) (2 May 2011) on DeviantArt of a character named Patche, which I’m including here for fun. I hope Jakly doesn’t mind.



patche init passphrase authkey secretkey — Create a new repository from the current directory. A .pch bundle will be created in the current directory, containing the .pconf configuration file containing the passphrase, authkey, and secretkey, an empty .ptub (patch URL bundle) directory, and a .pshadow bundle containing a copy of the files in the current directory (including the aforementioned bundle and its contents). The .pinite template (created using an rsync patch file (rsync --write-batch=FILE (according to the rsync manpage dated “22 Jun 2014”)) when copying to the .pshadow bundle) will be uploaded to the Internet Archive, and a .pinitu file will be created in the .ptub directory, containing the URL of the uploaded template.

patche clone foo/bar passphrase authkey secretkey — Create a new repository in the current folder using the template from https://archive.org/download/foo/bar.pinite, the encryption passphrase “passphrase”, the authorization key “authkey”, and the secret key “secretkey”.

patche commit message — Uploads the changes since the last commit to the Internet Archive as a .patche file, with the optional commit message “message”. Adds a .pchu file with the URL of the .patche file to the .ptub directory.

patche patch foo/bar — Merge the patch at https://archive.org/download/foo/bar.patche into the repository in the current directory.

New Web site design live http://futuramerlin.com/news/2015/02/04/65-new-web-site-design-live/ http://futuramerlin.com/news/2015/02/04/65-new-web-site-design-live/#comments Wed, 04 Feb 2015 02:15:12 +0000 http://futuramerlin.com/c/?p=65 The new Web site design is now live, although currently most of the links don’t point to anything. You can access the old Web site from the link in the left panel.

http://futuramerlin.com/news/2015/02/04/65-new-web-site-design-live/feed/ 1
Working on a Web site redesign… http://futuramerlin.com/news/2015/02/03/55-working-on-a-web-site-redesign/ http://futuramerlin.com/news/2015/02/03/55-working-on-a-web-site-redesign/#comments Tue, 03 Feb 2015 23:10:41 +0000 http://futuramerlin.com/fractallize/?p=55 Gearing up for a new version of the Futuramerlin.com Web site! No site content should be destroyed in the process…

http://futuramerlin.com/news/2015/02/03/55-working-on-a-web-site-redesign/feed/ 1