Update on the Web site update!

The new Web site design is functionally complete! It’s been running in various stages of completion on this blog section of the site for the past while, and once I have finished backing up the current Web site contents, the new version will be published :) You can examine the code here: https://github.com/ethus3h/ember/tree/master/ember-satellite-projects/futuramerlin-website

Upcoming Web site redesign.

I’m currently working on (yet another) design for the Web site. The screenshots in this post show what the new version looks like at the moment for various screen sizes.     It should be done reasonably soon (within a couple of weeks).   I’ll remove the “Old site” section, since it makes maintenance and […]

New project: Patche — Single user easy repository

Turns out, according to SketchCow (IA) (Jason Scott, Free Range Archivist at the Internet Archive) (#internetarchive on EFNet, 2015-04-01), the Internet Archive doesn’t do well with more than about 500 files in a single item. So, git-annex putting my ~171,000 files into a single item really probably wouldn’t work. Hence, A new project: “Patche“. It’s […]