Community: Specification


An Ember community is a group of individuals who have chosen to create an Ember community, and to live in accordance with shared principles so as to best protect individuals' rights.

Services collective

An Ember community's services collective is a not-for-profit that organizes the procurement and distribution of goods and services for its members, and perhaps those who are not its members as well. The goal of this organization would be to provide any needful things desired by its members for their lives. For instance, if a person chose to receive food through Ember, they could request that it be provided in exchange for labor. Their labor would help contribute to services requested in the future by them or other Ember members. The organization should have 24/7 available buildings staffed by Ember members from whom aid could be sought, such as the furnishing of meals, shelter, clothing, access to information, or other services, in exchange for labor. That way, if an Ember member is in trouble in a strange town, for instance, with no money, identification (beyond their own body), or other resources, they could go to the local Ember building to receive any services they desire; they could even build up credit in preparation for such an incident by working for the Ember collective prior to taking a trip, for instance, so they would have already earned any services they might want.

People that would be especially benefited by the full form of this project include individuals from marginalized groups, especially those with disabilities, mental illnesses, and the homeless, by enabling them to support themselves through a community and reducing barriers presented to them by discrimination, and by reducing the need for individuals’ dependence on the traditional monetary economy.